Kris Simmons
Executive Producer

Kris wants to live in a world where football season is year round, where new, high octane action films are released every week and where it’s socially acceptable for a man to drink his coffee the same way he likes his cars…black.

As Executive Producer and CEO at 6 STRONG MEDIA, he brings over 20 years of experience to every client project along with a rabid obsession for “following the process” so our team of creative experts can consistently deliver high-impact videos at break-neck speeds.

Kris has developed and executed successful video projects for numerous mega-brands and was once named Tennessee’s “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” by the U.S. Small Business Administration. He’s also won enough industry awards as a filmmaker to fill up a small truck but he’s most proud of being unanimously voted “Best Dad Ever” by the most important people in his life…his kids.

When he’s not working on iron clad video strategies for our clients or making continuous improvements to our production process, you can find him assistant coaching his boys’ basketball and soccer teams, helping his daughter succeed while away at college or trying for the 947th time to get more than 30 seconds of bliss before he destroys yet another RC airplane. Let’s just say his hobby is WAY more expensive than it should be and leave it at that.

Chris Braly
VP of Production

In his 15-year broadcast and television career, Chris has produced and directed several TV shows, award-winning commercials, documentaries and numerous independent projects.

However, this Biloxi-born native and former Navy Seabee is probably best known for creating the long-running culture and nightlife television series known as "Fuel TV."

After negotiating a buyout with NewsCorp, the "Fuel TV" concept was expanded into a satellite network and Chris transitioned into producing high-end corporate video assignments where he rapidly became a much sought after freelance producer while developing a reputation for consistently taking ideas from script to screen creatively, quickly and professionally.

When he's not managing our client productions, directing a shoot, engaged in post-production or coordinating camera crews all over the United States, Chris and his wife enjoy dining out with friends, motorcycling the scenic back roads of Tennessee and occasionally staying home all day binge-watching Netflix.

Having worked with our executive producer on previous charitable projects, their healthy professional admiration for each other developed into a full-fledged bromance when Chris accepted the position of Vice President of Production for 6 STRONG MEDIA.


Johnny Stockman
Creative Director

Artist, guitarist, and deadpan humorist, Johnny is a father of two girls and an award-winning guitarist of the decades old punk rock band, the Unsatisfied.

His artistic talent started at a young age, but bloomed a bit more once the band started looking to him for poster, flyer, logo, and t-shirt designs – all before he was “officially” accepted into the line-up.

After high school, Johnny worked in a custom car shop for several years, before finally entering the world of video production as an editor and shooter. He eventually became the creative director on several animation projects, which has become his primary expertise.

His production skills are numerous and his talent for quick turnarounds is uncanny. Johnny treats communication as entertainment, believing that if it isn’t funny, interesting, fun, or relevant, people will automatically tune-out. He knows how to grab their attention quickly while keeping them engaged.

With more than 15 years of experience as a creative director, video producer and motion graphic designer, Johnny joined the 6 STRONG MEDIA team in 2011 and has been cranking out stellar work ever since. 

You won’t find Johnny on social media, as he prefers to live life in person when he’s not rocking on stage.

"6 STRONG MEDIA balances a high level of creativity with detail-oriented project management. I have worked with them on a number of projects and have always been impressed with their professionalism throughout the production process."