"Spills and Messes are Inevitable. Thankfully, IVC Floors are Mess-Maker Approved."

IVC US, Inc. selected 6 STRONG MEDIA to develop a product story video that illustrates why "An Ordinary Day Deserves and Extraordinary Floor"

by Kris Simmons - Founder, Executive Producer & CEO

"Excuse the mess. My kids are experts at making our house look like a war zone after being hit by a tornado."

- Kris Simmons

The coolest (not cleanest) group of guys to ever walk the halls of Carson-Newman University. We decided it was necessary for us to spend our Spring Break vacation in 1999 on a cruise to the Bahamas.

The coolest (not cleanest) group of guys to ever walk the halls of Carson-Newman University. We decided it was necessary for us to spend our Spring Break vacation in 1999 on a cruise to the Bahamas.

When I was a senior at Carson-Newman University, I lived in a house off campus with several friends, Cheeto stained couches and probably the nastiest floors anyone has ever had the pleasure of sticking to. We did our best to keep it clean but since our place served as Grand Central Station for about half of the football team (and their girlfriends), it was an impossible feat.

One day when it was my turn to straighten up the living room and kitchen, I remember thinking how great it would be to have nice furniture and beautiful floors without having to worry about my college buddies ruining them. A few years later, I was finally in a position to outfit my own home with top-of-the-line furnishings, decor and flooring but I was in no way prepared for what would happen next...children.

Before long, my beautiful couch had been mistaken for a white board and my gorgeous hardwood floors looked like they had been attacked by a wild animal using the backside of a hammer.

The natural thing for me to do was to ask my Dad for advice on how to keep the kids from continuing this path of destruction because I was pretty sure building a fence and keeping them outside permanently wasn't a viable option. He responded with "Son, just plan on never having anything nice until the kids are grown. That way you won't be disappointed and you won't waste your money." It certainly wasn't in the Top 5 of his most inspiring father/son pep talks but he was right...at least until now.

Hanging out before dinner with three of my favorite mess-makers...Jace, Wimberly and Grayson.

Hanging out before dinner with three of my favorite mess-makers...Jace, Wimberly and Grayson.

Thankfully, companies like IVC US know that mess-makers come in all shapes and sizes, and that busy families with active children need flooring that is stain, scuff, scratch and 100% water resistant. Specializing in the innovative manufacturing of luxury fiberglass sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl planks, luxury vinyl tile, and luxury laminate flooring, IVC US has developed an amazing product line that offers the same beauty and style you'd only get in much more expensive (and less durable) traditional flooring products.

Based on my own family experiences, I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was when IVC US asked 6 STRONG MEDIA to develop a product story video that would engage their target audience while demonstrating how and why their flooring products are Mess-Maker Approved®.

See the full case study below.

The Assignment


Led by Bart Rich and Angelina Cebrian, the IVC US marketing team wanted to make a huge impression at a major industry conference with their Mess-Maker Approved® branded flooring products.

They felt the best way to attract target prospects at the event would be to develop a highly-creative and engaging product story video that would be displayed on a huge LCD screen suspended over their trade show exhibit.  

Since IVC US has worked with 6 STRONG MEDIA on numerous successful video projects in the past, they were confident we'd be able to...

  • Help solidify a creative concept that would meet and exceed their desired outcomes for the project
  • Successfully manage all the moving parts of a large production that included professional actors
  • Deliver the finished video on-time and within the agreed budget

The Creative

The IVC US, Inc. marketing team wanted to develop a creative concept for the video that would support their Mess-Maker Approved® tagline "An ordinary day deserves and extraordinary floor". They also wanted to feature slow-motion spill/mess footage with various types of food, liquid, mud, etc.

After several brainstorming sessions, we settled on a concept that would involve following a typical family of four from the point they wake up in the morning to when they settle in for the evening. Each scene would include a different "mess" being made by various family members and the end of the video would highlight how easy it is to clean the floors.

6 STRONG MEDIA provided the following pre-production services for this project...

Our Director of Photography (Michael Fulcher) and Cinematographer (Matt Sharpe) discussing shots to be captured via our Steadicam rig.

  • Creative Direction

  • Art Direction

  • Storyboarding

  • Talent Casting

  • Location Scouting

Once the script, storyboard, cast and location were approved, we immediately went to work planning logistics for the shoot. In order to ensure the shoot would remain on-schedule, we had to break down each scene in the storyboard, estimate how much time the scenes would take to capture and figure out the best order in which to film the scenes so we could reduce the number of times our crew would have to relocate equipment, rearrange furniture and light the set.

To manage our talent fees for the project, it was also necessary to carefully coordinate the times we asked each actor to arrive on set so they wouldn't get there too early or be expected to remain there longer than the amount of time allotted for in the budget.

After the logistics were nailed down, we began planning our approach for how to creatively execute each shot. This included lens selection, identifying the best camera for capturing the slow-motion shots, acquiring a Steadycam® rig for the walking shots and building a raised glass surface that we could use to shoot the floor cleaning scenes at the end of the video.

6 STRONG MEDIA provided the following production services for the film shoot...

  • Shot List Development
  • Production Scheduling
  • Talent Coordination
  • Set Construction
  • Professional Film Crew
  • Lighting Design
  • Photography

Improve results from your website or trade show marketing efforts with a "Product Story Video" by 6 STRONG MEDIA. 

"Behind the Scenes" Action From Our Film Shoot

6 STRONG MEDIA Executive Producer Kris Simmons and "Fetch" hanging out on the "Mess-Maker Approved" set.

The sun didn't give us the natural light needed to execute our creative vision so we set this bad boy up to achieve the same effect.

With careful lighting and lens selection, we were able to shoot this "early morning scene" in the middle of the afternoon. 

Our Director of Photography (Michael Fulcher) orchestrates the movements between Actor and Cinematographer (Mark Sharp). 

6 STRONG MEDIA Makeup Artist (Angela Jordan) quickly dries our actor's shoes so we can get a few more takes of the dog food scene.

6 STRONG MEDIA's Chris Braly (VP, Production) and Johnny Stockman (Creative Director) prepping the kitchen floor for another spill shot.

Rock star actress, Janet Ivey, killing time while the 6 STRONG MEDIA crew sets up the next shot sequence.  

IVC's Angelina Cebrian keeps little Angelina (our mini-actress) engaged while the 6 STRONG crew makes a few tweaks. Isn't she adorable?

This is the rig we built to pull off the floor's "point of view" shots of our actors cleaning up their messes. That's the door to my office!