6 STRONG MEDIA has a world-class motion graphic design and animation team ready to bring your video to life!

2D & 3D Animation

6 STRONG MEDIA provides 2D & 3D animation services for creative agencies, corporations, broadcast networks and other video production companies.

video editing

Our in-house video editors have 50+ years of combined experience cutting all types of video productions and animations for many of the world's leading brands. 


creative services

In addition to our motion graphic animation services, we can help with creative direction, scriptwriting, storyboarding and voiceover talent.

Founded by award-winning video producer and entrepreneur, Kris Simmons, 6 STRONG MEDIA is one of the most versatile and capable video production agencies in the country.

6 STRONG MEDIA motion graphic designer creating characters for an animated marketing video project.

6 STRONG MEDIA motion graphic designer creating characters for an animated marketing video project.

Our highly-experienced team of producers, directors, writers, editors and motion graphic designers have developed hundreds of animations over the past 10 years for large corporations, advertising agencies, successful small businesses and forward-thinking non-profits.

Although the tools and technologies have changed dramatically since we started in this industry, 6 STRONG MEDIA's unwavering mission to further our reputation as a world-class video agency has remained untouched. We are constantly improving the quality of our finished product and are dedicated to helping companies leverage our services so they can more effectively launch and grow brands, educate customers, recruit and retain talent, motivate their workforce and build better communities.

As fellow entrepreneurs and managers, we are creative professionals who also have a deep understanding of what it takes to make a business successful and how important it is to find ways to create engaging content that improves the way you communicate with customers, employees, partners and investors.

We only want to work with companies who strive to be the best in their industry and we hope you feel the same way about who you choose to hire for your motion graphic animation needs.