Thank you for considering 6 STRONG MEDIA to develop your "B-101 Drilling & Tapping Machine" training video.

We are very interested in working with you and are extremely confident that we can meet and exceed your creative and technical expectations for the project.  

In this proposal, we share important information about our company, outline our understanding of your objectives, describe our development process, provide an estimated budget to complete the project and include recommendations for moving forward.

If you believe this proposal meets your needs and you would like to retain our services, the next step is to gain your approval, confirm requirements, clarify any additional details and set a date to formally kick off the project.

We sincerely appreciate this opportunity and please contact us at (423) 414-2313 x700 or if you have any questions or concerns regarding our proposed solution. 

Founded by award-winning video producer and entrepreneur, Kris Simmons, 6 STRONG MEDIA is one of the most versatile and capable video production agencies in the country.

                  6 STRONG MEDIA camera crew and professional actor rehearsing a complex moving shot sequence for a large corporate production.

                  6 STRONG MEDIA camera crew and professional actor rehearsing a complex moving shot sequence for a large corporate production.

Headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, 6 STRONG MEDIA provides turn-key video production, motion graphic animation, editing and camera crew services for companies located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. 

Our award-winning team of producers, directors, writers, cinematographers, editors and animators have developed thousands of videos over the past 20 years for large corporations, advertising agencies, successful small businesses and forward-thinking non-profits.

Although the tools and technologies have changed dramatically since we started in this industry, 6 STRONG MEDIA's unwavering mission to further our reputation as a world-class video agency has remained untouched. We are constantly improving the quality of our finished product and are dedicated to helping companies leverage our services so they can more effectively launch and grow brands, educate customers, recruit and retain talent, motivate their workforce and build better communities.

As fellow entrepreneurs and managers, we are creative professionals who also have a deep understanding of what it takes to make a business successful and how important it is to find ways to create engaging content that improves the way you communicate with customers, employees, partners and investors.

We only want to work with companies who strive to be the best in their industry and we hope you feel the same way about who you choose to hire for your video production needs.

Our studio is conveniently located above Jack's Alley in downtown Chattanooga.

417 Market Street #201, Chattanooga, TN 37402


6 STRONG MEDIA has successfully completed thousands of video and animation projects for some of the world's most recognized brands. We'd appreciate the opportunity to add your company to our long list of satisfied clients.


Kris Simmons
Executive Producer, CEO

Kris wants to live in a world where football season is year round, where new, high octane action films are released every week and where it’s socially acceptable for a man to drink his coffee the same way he likes his cars…black.

As Executive Producer and CEO at 6 STRONG MEDIA, he brings over 20 years of experience to every client project along with a rabid obsession for “following the process” so our national team of creative experts can consistently deliver high-impact videos with mind-blowing quality at break-neck speeds.

Kris has developed and executed successful video projects for numerous mega-brands and was once named Tennessee’s “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” by the U.S. Small Business Administration. He’s also won enough industry awards as a filmmaker to fill up a small truck but he’s most proud of being unanimously voted “Best Dad Ever” by the most important people in his life…his kids.

When he’s not working on iron clad video strategies for our clients or making continuous improvements to our production process, you can find him assistant coaching his boys’ basketball and soccer teams, helping his daughter succeed while away at college or trying for the 947th time to get more than 30 seconds of bliss before he destroys yet another RC airplane. Let’s just say his hobby is WAY more expensive than it should be and leave it at that.

Chris Braly
VP of Production

In his 15-year broadcast and television career, Chris has produced and directed several TV shows, award-winning commercials, documentaries and numerous independent projects.

However, this Biloxi-born native and former Navy Seabee is probably best known for creating the long-running culture and nightlife television series known as "Fuel TV."

After negotiating a buyout with NewsCorp, the "Fuel TV" concept was expanded into a satellite network and Chris transitioned into producing high-end corporate assignments where he rapidly became a much sought after freelance producer while developing a reputation for consistently taking ideas from script to screen creatively, quickly and professionally.

When he's not helping our clients book and coordinate crews for projects all over the United States, directing a shoot or engaged in post-production, Chris and his wife enjoy dining out with friends, motorcycling the scenic backroads of Tennessee and occasionally staying in bed all day binge-watching Netflix.

Having worked with our company founder on previous charitable projects, their healthy professional admiration for each other developed into a full-fledged bromance when Chris accepted the position of Vice President of Production for 6 STRONG MEDIA in January of 2015. 


Johnny Stockman
Creative Director

Artist, guitarist, and deadpan humorist, Johnny is a father of two girls and an award-winning guitarist of the decades old punk rock band, the Unsatisfied.

His artistic talent started at a young age, but bloomed a bit more once the band started looking to him for poster, flyer, logo, and t-shirt designs – all before he was “officially” accepted into the line-up.

After high school, Johnny worked in a custom car shop for several years, before finally entering the world of video production as an editor and shooter. He eventually became the creative director on several animation projects, which has become his primary expertise.

His production skills are numerous and his talent for quick turnarounds is uncanny. Johnny treats communication as entertainment, believing that if it isn’t funny, interesting, fun, or relevant, people will automatically tune-out. He knows how to grab their attention quickly while keeping them engaged.

With more than 15 years of experience as a creative director, video producer and motion graphic designer, Johnny joined the 6 STRONG MEDIA team in 2011 and has been cranking out stellar work ever since. 

You won’t find Johnny on social media, as he prefers to live life in person when he’s not rocking on stage.






Mueller Company wishes to contract with a video production agency to redesign and reproduce your 20-minute "B-101 Drilling & Tapping Machine" training video.

It is our understanding that you will provide a technically correct draft of the script (similar to what was provided in your RFP), branding guidelines, high resolution still images (if needed), and all equipment, personnel and internal space necessary to capture the footage required to complete the project.

We also understand that the training video should be created in the highest resolution possible for display in various formats (e.g. monitors, online, mobile, etc.)

6 STRONG MEDIA has an exemplary track record with the creation of interesting videos for major companies in the B2B space and has developed an outstanding reputation for delivering projects both on-time and within budget.

Some of our most notable B2B clients include Alstom, Akso Nobel, Astec Industries, AstroTurf, Avon Protection Systems, Colonial Chemical, Environmental Solutions Group and PerkinElmer. Other well know clients include Alexian Brothers, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, GameTime, Mohawk Industries, Murphy USA, Remington Industries, Unum Group and U.S. Xpress Enterprises.

Our services for this project will include production planning, coordination, strategic consulting, creative direction, script editing, professional narration, 4K footage acquisition, video editing, motion graphic animation and royalty-free stock music.










Delivery Date

Based on the information provided in your RFP, we understand that you want to begin work on this project as soon as possible with the goal being to complete it no later than April 1, 2016.

We estimate the total project taking between 45 and 60 days once the development process begins. A proposed production schedule with key dates and milestones will be provided to you after the project has been approved and our “kick off” meeting has taken place.

Payment Terms

50% of the proposed budget is due immediately upon your approval in order to retain our services and allow us to begin work on your project.

25% of the proposed budget is due after the video shoot is complete.

25% due no later than 30 days after your video is approved and delivered.

*Please note that even though this is our standard policy, payment terms can be negotiated if necessary.


6 STRONG MEDIA retains the right to use the finished video or excerpts created as part of this project to market its services to other companies, for use in its own portfolio and for submission to industry-related awards programs.

If you would like to review and approve the way your video will be used in our future promotional efforts, please let us know at the conclusion of your project.  

Transfer of Copyright Ownership

When your project concludes, the finished video, script, raw footage, voiceover files, editing files, animation files and any other content created for use in this production will become the intellectual property of the client immediately after the balance owed to 6 STRONG MEDIA has been paid in full.

With the possible exception of licensed music tracks and sound effects, all content may be re-purposed or re-edited at the discretion of the client as part of future video projects. However, additional licenses may be required to use the same royalty-free music track(s) and/or sound effects. If/when this presents an issue, we are happy to help you navigate the royalty-free licensing process.


If the above proposal meets your needs and you'd like to retain our services, please download, print and email a signed copy of our production agreement to Thank you and we appreciate your business!