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5 Steps to Maximize Your Corporate Video Budget

May 2019

Producing a corporate video can be overwhelming for first-timers. The biggest shock is the initial sticker price of video production. However, there are many cost-effective ways to produce videos that will provide a healthy ROI. Check out our five tips to maximize your corporate video production budget…Read More

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Home Page Videos Boost Your Company’s First Impression

MARCH 2019

“Do I need videos on the home page of my company website?” Umm, yes!  Have you ever heard the saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression?” The same goes for your website. Companies spend a lot of money developing websites in an attempt to easily explain… Read More

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Why Use Video at Live Events

January 2019

Live streaming: the delivery of Internet content in real-time, as events happen. Myths about live video that need to be set straight include: (1) It will decrease attendance at the event; (2) It only makes sense to live stream huge events; (3) It’s too expensive. Wrong, wrong and partially wrong…Read more

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Spend Those End of Year Marketing Dollars

November 2018

The end of the year is approaching, and you have unspent dollars in your marketing budget. What should you do with those funds before they get rolled over and eaten up by the new budget year? Creating video content for multiple uses is one way to get some bang for your marketing buck...Read more

How to Increase Your Trade Show ROI

October 2018

Heading to a trade show this year? Here are some tips to help you incorporate video to pack an extra punch.  Before the Trade Show  All the fun doesn’t have to happen at the event. Get started early! Video via email can be a great way to let your clients and prospects…Read More

Enhance Your Events with Video

September 2018

Anyone who’s attended conferences or major events knows that energy drives success in the event world. A feeling of excitement and inspiration prompts people to attend in the first place and then come back each year. There are tons of ways to incorporate videos into your event…Read More

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6 STRONG MEDIA Receives Top Honor

August 2018

6 STRONG MEDIA, a local video production and motion design agency, is an honoree in ProductionHUB’s annual PRO100 list. The PRO100 designation honors the top 100 businesses in the world who generate the highest profile traffic on ProductionHUB's website. Read more

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Show and Sell: Why Product Videos Rock

august 2018

Did you know that 77 percent of consumers have been convinced to buy a product by watching a video? The question is whether they were watching a video about your product, or one produced by a competitor. What is a product video? Simply put, a product video is an explainer video…Read More

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Using Video to Attract Talent

July 2018

Many companies face the challenge of recruiting talent. After all, how do you stand out among the competition to recruit your company’s most precious asset (talent)? How do you tell your company story? How do you share the corporate culture? What about the tangible and intangible benefits?…Read More

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Corporate Uses for Video

June 2018

One-third of all online activity is spent watching video, and almost 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every single day ( Why should you utilize video within your company?…Read More


I’ve Produced my Video…Now What?

May 2018

In this final installment of the “4 Ps of Video Marketing” series, we’re going to focus on distribution.  Now that you’ve “Planned” and “Produced” your video, it’s time to post it in the right channels and to promote the heck out of it! Videos are effectively business cards on steroids…Read More

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Video Marketing Game Plan Part 2: Producing Your Video

April 2018

Remember the "4 Ps" of video production?:  Plan. Produce. Post. Promote.  Now that you’ve completed the planning process for your video or video campaign, it’s time to actually produce the content. The first step is to develop a creative brief that outlines the type of video (or videos) you want…Read More

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The Video Marketing Game Plan: How to Win with Video

March 2018

So you’ve seen how others are crushing it with video, and you’re ready to put video marketing to work for your own company. Now what? As with any sport, project or goal, you need a game plan to be successful…Read More

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What’s the Video Marketing Buzz All About?

February 2018

Video Marketing. It’s all the buzz in the marketing world right now and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. From television to tweets, videos are used in all sorts of ways to effectively promote company brands, products and services.  If video isn’t currently playing a major role in…Read More

Local Video Production Company Documents History

December 2016

6 STRONG MEDIA recently had the chance to document history as they filmed the transportation of equipment that was used to place a new dome over Chernobyl. Read more