When creating your animated videos, we will implement the following seven-step development process.

1. Planning, Coordination & Production Management

2. Script Review & Improvement

3. Voice Talent Casting, Auditions & Recording

4. Creative Direction & Art Design

5. Motion Graphic Animation, Music & SFX

6. Client Review & Revisions

7. Mastering, Delivery & Archival

Step One: Planning, Coordination & Production Management

After you have approved this proposal and retained our services, the first order of business will be to schedule a “project kick-off meeting” so we can begin work as soon as possible. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce you to senior members of our creative team as well as to gather information and support materials needed to successfully complete your animated videos.

We will also work to establish a “soft deadline” and “hard deadline” for each of your videos. The soft deadline is the date we will have the first version of a video ready to review and the hard deadline is the date we both expect the approved version of a video (or videos) to be ready for delivery to your target audience.

Once deadlines are established, we book these dates in our production schedule and immediately start making progress towards meeting the important milestones required to deliver your project on-time and on-budget.

Step Two: Script Review & Improvement

Your team will provide a strong first draft of each script that includes narration copy (when applicable) and suggestions for what visuals need to be represented in each scene. We will review your supplied scripts and offer suggestions for how to improve each one.

Once approved by you, these scripts will serve as the blue print for everything we do from that point forward in our effort to produce outstanding animated videos that accomplish your goals and objectives for the project.

Step Three: Voice Talent Casting, Auditions & Recording

Once your scripts are approved and ready for development, the next step is to find the best possible voice to bring your animations to life. We’ll work closely with you to cast the appropriate talent and will request auditions from our global network of professional voice actors. It is our understanding that you'd like auditions from both male and female talent.

The auditions received will be submitted using excerpts of your approved scripts so you'll be able to select the voice that best represents the tone and delivery wanted for your videos. Once you have made a selection, we will hire the voice actor and order the recording session.

After the voiceovers have been recorded, we will provide the files to you for review and approval before moving to the next step in the development process.

Step Four: Creative Direction & Art Design

In this step, we’ll develop design mockups and style frames for you to review and approve so we can make sure we are creating the perfect images that will resonate with your target audience and accomplish the overall visual look and feel desired for your animated videos.

After the creative concepts have been approved, we will proceed with designing all graphic art elements that will be required to execute the animation process. These elements will include backgrounds, foreground environments, icons and typography.

Please note that at the conclusion of this project, you will have full ownership of any/all design files created by our team as outlined in the “Transfer of Copyright Ownership” section of this proposal.

Step Five: Motion Graphic Animation, Music & SFX

After you are completely satisfied with your scripts, voiceover recordings and creative concepts, we’ll start the motion graphic animation phase of the project. This is by far the hardest and most time-consuming part of the development process.

Our animators literally design every single frame of your videos (2-minutes = 3,600 frames). Then we break the scenes into hundreds of pieces and set thousands of key frames to make sure each graphic element moves and behaves the way it should so the brand message comes across as creative and clear as possible.

We also take the time to carefully select music and sound effects so we can add those special finishing touches that you should expect to receive in a high-quality animation produced by a world-class video agency.

Sound complicated? It is, but that’s why you are choosing to partner with 6 STRONG MEDIA because we take care of all the hard stuff while you are busy working to achieve “bigger picture” goals and objectives for your company.

Step Six: Client Review & Revisions

As soon as your animated videos are finished and ready for review, we’ll upload each “version one” to our online video player and provide a link. We will also provide instructions for how to best provide us with feedback should you want to make changes to the videos before they can be approved.

In our proposed budget, we offer the ability to make up to three rounds of revisions to what we consider the finished videos. Remember that by this step in the process, you have already agreed that we have the perfect scripts, the perfect voice and the perfect visual concepts so any revisions should be limited to just the work we’ve done related to motion graphic animations, music and sound effects.

Of course we want you to be 100% happy with the finished videos so if you feel like any of the already approved elements need to be revised in order for the project to be a total success, we're happy to oblige.

We know clients don’t like surprises, especially when it relates to scope creep. If/when we feel requested changes impact the scope of this project, typically caused by the need to go back and make changes to the already approved scripts, voiceover recordings or visual concepts, we will immediately discuss our concerns with you. If together we aren’t able to come up with a solution that fits within the existing budget, we will submit an estimate for the additional fees required to complete the project based on the revised scope. Upon approval, we will repeat the steps in the development process as needed to submit a new version of the finished video (or videos) for review.

When you are satisfied with your finished videos, simply let us know that the project is “approved” and we will move to the final step in the development process.

Step Seven: Mastering, Delivery & Archival

Once we receive your final approval, the development process will be closed and we’ll proceed with mastering, delivering and archiving your animated videos.

MASTERING: We’ll provide both a high-quality “master” file of the finished videos as well as an “optimized” version that's ideal for viewing on computers, television monitors and mobile devices.

DELIVERY: We’ll upload the “master” and “optimized” video files to our Hightail or Dropbox account and will provide a download link to you via email. If you have issues downloading the files, we are happy to copy them to a thumb drive that can be mailed or delivered to you at no additional charge.

ARCHIVAL: After the “master” and “optimized” video files have been uploaded or shipped, we will archive all project files used to create the videos and store them safely in our studio.

**Disclaimer** Although we employ our best efforts to duplicate and secure all archived project data, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by sabotage, theft, fire, water, natural disaster, server and/or hard drive failure. If you would like to have a duplicate copy of the entire project archive for redundancy purposes, we can send it electronically or provide a hard drive upon your request.