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Please fill out and submit the information below for all new turn-key video production projects. This will serve as the core document to be used by all 6 STRONG MEDIA team members during our sales, production, delivery and invoicing processes.

Referral, Google Search, Facebook, LinkedIn,, etc. (Provide as much detail as client is willing to give related to how they found us.)
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Providing your website gives us the opportunity to learn more about your company, organization, product or service so we can figure out how to best serve you.
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Mailing Address
Videos that client likes and wants us to use as inspiration when creating their project
Does this project include a single video or will you need us to produce several as part of a series? If you're goal is to eventually have multiple videos produced but you aren't quite sure if you want to start with more than just one, keep in mind that the "per video" investment will be much less if you bundle several into one project.
Let us know if your video(s) must be a specific length or if it's ok if they fall within a certain range. Most company or product marketing videos run 1 to 3-minutes where training videos typically range from 5 to 20-minutes. Videos designed for Instagram are 10 to 15-seconds and television commercials are typically 15, 30 or 60-seconds in length.
A production-ready script details what the viewer will both see and hear while watching your video(s). This includes approved voiceover or spokesperson copy, interview sound bytes, b-roll footage, text overlays and motion graphic animations. The production-ready script serves as the blue print for everything we do once production begins.
If so, will you provide the voiceover file or will you need us to manage the auditioning, hiring and recording process?
Let us know if you will handle talent casting, coordination and payments or if you'd prefer we handle that.
Most videos are shot at a client's office, show room, plant, warehouse or home. If your project requires a specific residence, outdoor environment or studio space, we'll need to know if you plan to source and coordinate use of these locations or if you'll need us to take care of that.
Let us know if you will provide these graphics to us or if we'll need to provide graphic design services so we can create them for you.
Please describe the type of special effects or animation sequences you'll need us to create as part of this video project.
Please use this space to offer a full description of what your goals are for the project as well as any pertinent details you believe we need to know if order to fully understand how to develop video content that will meet and exceed your goals.
Broadcast, Website, Social Media, Trade Show, Conference, Training Seminar, Meeting, etc.
When does your video absolutely have to be approved and delivered? If you aren't sure, please write "TBD" in the box below.
For our planning purposes, when are you hoping we'll be able to begin production on your video?
Video production is an extremely powerful medium but it can be quite expensive. Our job is to review your needs and develop the highest-quality solution possible so that it not only meets and exceeds your goals but also fits comfortably within the amount you have budgeted to invest in video production services. We respectfully ask that you choose the range below that works best for your financial needs and type it into the box so we can keep that in mind when developing a proposed solution and estimate for your project.
When possible, we prefer to have input from all stakeholders involved in a video project so we can make sure our proposed solution and estimate will meet every desired objective for your business. We have a stellar reputation for producing videos that are strategically on-point with the very first version we submit for client review. Talking with as many stakeholders as possible early in our process enables us to complete projects faster than our competitors and to reduce the need for re-shoots or re-edits that are beyond the scope of the approved proposal and budget once we begin production of your video(s). Simply put, the more input we have on the front end, the better we'll be able to serve you.
Please provide two or three options so we can have the best chance at scheduling a conference call or in-person meeting as soon as possible.