What's better than watching awesome videos during the holidays? Absolutely nothing!

Well, maybe a lot of things...but just in case you're one of the cool kids, here's some of our favorite projects from 2016. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Mohawk "Max Facts"

Meet Max, a 5,400 lb rhino that stole the show during Mohawk's SmartStrand Challenge. The purpose of the campaign was to demonstrate the durability of their SmartStrand Silk carpet line by allowing Max to “enjoy” it in his cage for a couple of weeks. We were asked to develop a fun and creative motion graphic animation that would introduce people to "Max the Rhino" as part of a digital exhibit at a major industry conference.

IVC US "Mess-Maker Approved"

Spills and messes are inevitable. Thankfully, IVC floors are "Mess-Maker Approved"! 6 STRONG MEDIA was selected by IVC US to create a live action video that demonstrates why "an ordinary day deserves and extraordinary floor". The production included professional actors with steady-cam footage and was featured on a massive 26' screen at the largest floor covering trade show in Las Vegas, NV. The video is also featured on IVC's website and social media channels.

GPS "Bruiser Bee"

Girl’s Preparatory School launched a new fundraising event called the "Bruiser Bee". This fun and quirky animated TV commercial features Chattanooga’s only adult spelling bee and generated “buzz” for team recruitment and event attendees.  

Hasko Inc.

After 30 successful years in the B2B manufacturing industry, Hasko decided it was time to create a welcome video that would introduce new prospects to their company while highlighting its products and services. This live action video includes gorgeous footage of their headquarters, machinery and people. It also features high-end motion graphics that gives their video a professional edge over competing providers.

Transcard "Paynuver"

A confused customer always says no, and Transcard gets it!  We created an animated explainer video to help launch Paynuver, their self-service online payment solution for the banked and unbanked. Breaking down a complex process into simple language and engaging visuals played a crucial role in overall success of this project. Transcard unveiled the video at an industry trade show and currently features it on the home page of their website.

Chambliss Center for Children

The Chambliss Center for Children, a Chattanooga-based non-profit that helps less-fortunate children have stable and supportive families, needed to produce a live action commercial that would be used to recruit new foster parents in movie theaters across the region. In a strategic effort to control expenses for the project, we worked with amateur actors provided by the Chambliss Center and shot the video in a training room at their main office.


Our team had a lot of fun developing the idea for our Thanksgiving animated holiday greeting. After a brief, 20-minute brainstorming session followed by a few Google searches for relevant corny jokes, we sealed the creative concept for this hilarious video. As expected, the 6 STRONG MEDIA team did an amazing job bringing this idea to life and it proved to be the most successful piece of content we've used for our own self-promotional efforts to date!

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