You provide bulletproof strategy, gorgeous design, targeted ads and precise analytics. 

But what happens when the creative execution requires professional video or motion graphic animation and you don't have those capabilities in-house?

6 STRONG MEDIA is a national, award-winning video production and motion graphic animation studio based in Chattanooga, Tennessee that partners with creative agencies all over the world to develop engaging content for their client campaigns. We can help expand your video marketing capabilities with professional editing, animation and camera crew services that enable you to better serve your clients while opening up new revenue streams for your agency. 

Animated Explainer Videos

A confused customer always says no. If you're client is losing sales because their products or services are complex and hard to understand, they need a video that will grab people's attention, simplify their message and deliver a much higher ROI from their online marketing spend. We help creative agencies develop animated explainer videos for clients that engage members of their target audience and convert them into paying customers.

Live Action Videos

In many cases, the best way to introduce your client's product, service or program to an ideal customer is to show it in action with real people, places and things! 6 STRONG MEDIA helps creative agencies develop live action videos that can feature actors, professional voiceovers, interviews with key personnel and customers, footage of their locations and team members, on-screen motion graphics and royalty-free stock music. 

Motion Graphic Animations

When you are looking to add serious eye candy to your client's trade show exhibit, product show rooms or customer waiting areas, 6 STRONG MEDIA can help you develop sweet motion graphic animations that capture the attention of your client's target audience, keeps them engaged and generates a higher level of interest in their products, services or programs.

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