"We Like Big Trucks and We Cannot Lie"

Swedish content marketing agency calls on 6 STRONG MEDIA to film customer testimonials for Volvo Group Trucks in Greensboro, North Carolina.

by Kris Simmons, Founder, Executive Producer & CEO

I absolutely love trucks, trains, ships and cranes! Always have. Maybe it’s the male chromosome talking but there’s just something about working on video projects that feature really big toys that gets my motor running. This project was certainly no exception.

Whenever I visit family in Greensboro, North Carolina, I pass right by the Volvo Group North American headquarters on I-40. For a brief moment, I think about how cool it would be to work with them, especially since my Uncle is employed there, but I typically don’t give it another thought once I’m unpacked and ready for some much anticipated quality time with my beautiful nieces.  

Recently, the opportunity did finally present itself but not in the usual fashion or from the typical source. I was pumped!

Spoon, a Swedish content marketing agency, needed to film customer testimonials for an upcoming Volvo Group Trucks campaign and required the support of a qualified video production company that could assist with the project in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Before they could make the decision to hire us for the shoot, Spoon had three very specific and important questions we needed to address.

Do you have experience producing or shooting films for the trucking industry?

"Yes. One of our long-time clients includes another giant in the trucking industry, U.S. Xpress. We’ve successfully completed numerous video projects for them which have included filming interviews with key employees and capturing b-roll footage of their big rigs in action."

Do you have a local camera crew in Greensboro, North Carolina so we won't have to incur travel expenses?

"Yes. 6 STRONG MEDIA has built a network of more than 150 professional camera crews ready to be deployed in over 50 major markets across the United States. One of our Greensboro crews will handle the shoot so there won’t be any additional travel expenses added to our service fee." 

Can you be available to shoot these customer testimonials in less than a week?

"Absolutely. Since we have multiple camera crews on the ground in each market, we typically don’t have issues regarding availability even if it’s a last minute request. We do however operate on a first come, first serve basis so it's important to book us as soon as possible in order to guarantee one of our crews for your shoot date."

They agreed that we were a great fit for the project and decided to retain our services. Boom!


The Assignment

Spoon was tasked with producing several customer testimonial films from different countries on behalf of the Volvo Group. The interviewees were customers of Volvo Group Trucks who use one or several of Volvo Group's truck brands - Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, Mack Trucks and UD Trucks.

6 STRONG MEDIA’s role was to capture interviews with two Volvo Group customers located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Since the project was for a major international brand, we employed a high-end “RED Scarlet Dragon” camera package so we could deliver the best quality footage possible.

The Creative

In order to support the creative needs of the project, Spoon asked us to shoot the interviews in a location that was connected to the Volvo customer’s core business but not in an office environment. Capturing interview footage in a more colorful and somewhat active environment whenever possible makes the video much more interesting to watch.

They also requested that the interviewees look directly into the camera lens when speaking versus off-camera like most traditional interviews. This is a subjective choice but we feel it definitely helps to keep the viewer engaged more so than when the interviewee is looking off to one side like you would expect to see on a television show or standard corporate video.


The Delivery

To meet the deadline requirements for Spoon’s content marketing campaign, it was important that we delivered the footage as soon as possible. We were able to upload the raw clips to an FTP server which gave their content producers access to the files within 24 hours after the shoot concluded. Not bad considering the time difference and distance between us and Sweden!

The Result

The end result was what I like to refer to as a “triple-win”.

Spoon wins because they were able to partner with a qualified, local camera crew to assist in their content marketing efforts that was available at the last minute without the need for additional travel expenses.

Volvo Group Trucks wins because they were able to capture stunning HD footage of customers talking about positive experiences with their company.

6 STRONG MEDIA wins because we were able to prove once again that we are a highly-creative video production company capable of supporting the content marketing needs of a major, international brand.  

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