70% of marketing experts claim video produces more conversions than any other type of content.

6 STRONG MEDIA can help you create engaging videos for your website, trade show exhibit, social media channels, meetings and special events.

Drive Revenue for Your Events

Produce creative and engaging videos that promote your event to potential sponsors, exhibitors and attendees so you can drive awareness, increase participation and achieve your revenue goals.

Improve the Quality of Your Events

Take your events to the next level with pre-produced videos, animated graphics, live multi-camera production packages and Facebook Live broadcasts designed to produce a more engaging, entertaining and interactive experience for your audience.

Leverage Your Event Content

Well executed events are marketing goldmines when it comes to attracting, engaging and converting target customers, sponsors and exhibitors. Leverage your event content so you can turn it into future marketing assets by capturing your main programs/presentations/keynotes, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with event attendees.

Expand Your Event Audience

Increase exposure for your brand and create better engagement with target customers by sharing your content with a much larger audience during and after your events.

Need to produce a great marketing video? We can help.