Spills and Messes are Inevitable. Thankfully, Floors Made by IVC are Mess-Maker Approved.

IVC US Selected 6 STRONG MEDIA to Develop a Product Story Video that Demonstrates Why "An Ordinary Day Deserves and Extraordinary Floor"

"Behind the Scenes" Action From Our Film Shoot

6 STRONG MEDIA Executive Producer Kris Simmons and "Fetch" hanging out on the "Mess-Maker Approved" set.

The sun didn't give us the natural light needed to execute our creative vision so we set this bad boy up to achieve the same effect.

With careful lighting and lens selection, we were able to shoot this "early morning scene" in the middle of the afternoon. 

Our Director of Photography (Michael Fulcher) orchestrates the movements between Actor and Cinematographer (Mark Sharp). 

6 STRONG MEDIA Makeup Artist (Angela Jordan) quickly dries our actor's shoes so we can get a few more takes of the dog food scene.

Our Director of Photography (Michael Fulcher) and Cinematographer (Matt Sharpe) discussing shots to be captured with our Steadicam rig.

6 STRONG MEDIA's Chris Braly (VP, Production) and Johnny Stockman (Creative Director) prepping the kitchen floor for another spill shot.

Rock star actress, Janet Ivey, killing time while the 6 STRONG MEDIA crew sets up the next shot sequence.  

IVC's Angelina Cebrian keeps little Angelina (our mini-actress) engaged while the 6 STRONG crew makes a few tweaks. Isn't she adorable?

This is the rig we built to pull off the floor's "point of view" shots at the end of the video. Don't tell, but that's the door to our CEO's office!

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