70% of marketing experts claim video produces more conversions than any other type of content.

6 STRONG MEDIA can help you create engaging videos for your website, trade show exhibit, social media channels, meetings and special events.

Animated Explainer Videos

A confused customer always says no. If you're losing sales because your products or services are complex and hard to understand, you need a video that will grab people's attention, simplify your message and deliver a much higher ROI from your marketing spend. We help companies develop Animated Explainer Videos that engage members of your target audience and convert them into paying customers. This style of video is most effective when used to compliment website, trade show, social media, and television marketing efforts. VIEW FULL PORTFOLIO >>

Live Action Films

In many cases, the best way to introduce your product, service or program to an ideal customer is to show it in action with real people, places and things. 6 STRONG MEDIA produces Live Action Films that can feature actors, professional voiceovers, interviews with executives or customers, footage of your locations, products and/or team members, on-screen motion graphic animations and royalty-free stock music. Live Action Films are effective when used in just about any marketing channel and popular styles  include Talking Head Films, Spokesperson Films, B-ROLL Films, Aerial Flyover Films and Narrative Films.

Sizzle Reel Videos

When you want to add serious eye candy to your social media channels, employee meetings, trade show exhibits, or product showrooms, 6 STRONG MEDIA can help you develop a sweet sizzle reel video that will capture the attention of your target audience, keep them engaged and generate a higher level of interest in your product, service or program. This style of video is most effective when used to compliment website, trade show, social media, meeting, event and/or television marketing efforts.

Need to produce a great marketing video? We can help.