"River Envy" Mockumentary

How do you create a video that entertains your event attendees and also generates thousands of organic views online?

You hire 6 STRONG MEDIA to help fabricate a completely ridiculous story that can be temporarily passed off as your new community revitalization strategy.

The Client

The Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that serves over 1,000 businesses. It's mission is to serve their members by being a catalyst for economic growth, workforce and leadership development, and quality of life improvements in the Dalton, Georgia community.

The Assignment

Led by President and CEO Rob Bradham, the Greater Dalton Chamber team wanted to produce a humorous video that could be used to entertain event attendees at their annual Chamber banquet. They chose to work with a video production agency and selected 6 STRONG MEDIA to help develop the project.

The Concept

In early discussions, we learned that the Chamber was on the tail end of creating and  launching their new community revitalization plan and while brainstorming potential concepts for the video, we also learned that  local citizens have stated "revitalizing  our community would be much easier if we had a river".

Since the only thing running through Dalton's downtown area is a major railroad system, it was obvious the strategic plan wouldn't include a riverfront revitalization.

However, the new plan hadn't been released yet and since our video would debut a couple weeks before the public announcement, we had the perfect opportunity to develop a concept that would not only work to entertain their event audience, but could also help them promote the new strategic plan to a much larger audience online. 

In order to expand the viewership from a few hundred at the banquet to thousands of people via social media, we knew the video concept had to be something unique, attention-grabbing, and funny.

With that in mind, our team proposed the creation of a Mockumentary entitled “River Envy.”

The idea was to create an absurd, short documentary about why it was decided that a river was necessary for revitalization and how their community came together to engineer plans for bringing a river to their downtown area. The video would conclude with Rob (Chamber President) waking up from this "terrible dream" to deliver a message that Dalton doesn’t need a river for successful community revitalization. 

The Creative

Once the concept was approved, 6 STRONG went to work writing the script, developing shot lists and designing the overall look/feel of the video. 

In order to keep the project within budget, we asked the Chamber (with our guidance) to provide all locations, amateur actors and props needed to capture all the scenes featured in the approved script. Their team was extraordinary in helping to coordinate the effort which made it possible for us to complete all filming in just two days.  

After that, we moved the project into post-production where all the video editing, motion graphic animation, audio mixing and final rendering needed to create the finished product was completed in less than two weeks.

The Delivery

Once the edited video was completed (prior to the final deadline), we uploaded the file to our online video platform and notified the Chamber that it was ready to review. They were blown away by the finished product and immediately approved the project with zero revisions.

The Results

The Greater Dalton Chamber banquet was a huge success, and the video was greatly welcomed by event attendees with roaring laughter throughout the room. The Chamber also uploaded the video to its Facebook page which generated over 6,900 organic views and 49 shares within a 7-day period.

KPI's met. Mission Accomplished.

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