THRIVE Regional Partnership


Any of these styles of video can achieve your objective of providing an exciting, high-level organizational overview while presenting the need and stating the case for funding.

Client Samples

  Georgetown University     

Type:  Animation Project     

Purpose:  Highlight a problematic area to present to stakeholders in order to make a change

Budget: $9,500  (Assuming Thrive develops/provides voiceover script)

 Girls Preparatory School – MBD Program

Type: Interview-style video coupled with photography

Purpose:  Utilized on-site interviews at event to create post-event video that highlighted the “why is this program important” factor.  Video was used to solicit sponsorships and donations.

Budget: $6,500 (Assuming Thrive will coordinate interviews to happen in single day, provide the shoot location, review interview transcripts and select sound bytes for us to use in the edited video.)

Boy Scouts

Type: Video comprised of photography with voiceover

Purpose:  Showcased video at an Annual Luncheon event.  Purpose was to promote various programs to garner donations of event attendees.

Budget: $3,500 (Assuming THRIVE develops/provides voiceover script and any/all photography needed to complete the video)

We Are a Creative Video Agency

6 STRONG MEDIA specializes in developing animated explainer videoslive-action videos and motion graphic animations that support marketing and internal communication strategies. We offer our corporate clients and creative agency partners flexible pricing, top-quality work and lightning fast turnarounds all while making the production process easy and stress-free.