A Client’s Story

The Power of Testimonial Videos

6 STRONG MEDIA recently produced this testimonial video for the Partnership for Families, Children and Adults. While featuring emotional and troubling content, this client story shows how the Partnership changes the lives of their clients every single day. With the help of this video, the Partnership was able to create awareness for its Victim Support Services and obtain a 243% ROI on the video investment.

A Testimonial Can Go a Long Way

Are you trying to bring awareness to your organization? Raise money? Increase your numbers of donors or volunteers? A client testimonial video may be just what you need.

Testimonial videos are highly influential in motivating action as people expect organizations to be transparent and authentic. What better to show how your organization serves its clients than hearing from them first-hand.

People need to feel a connection. If your client video touches someone that is affected (or knows someone who is affected) by the issues your organization addresses, you’ve made an impact. And impact leads to awareness, communication, volunteers and donors.

We Are a Creative Video Agency

6 STRONG MEDIA specializes in developing animated explainer videoslive-action videos and motion graphic animations that support marketing and internal communication strategies. We offer our corporate clients and creative agency partners flexible pricing, top-quality work and lightning fast turnarounds all while making the production process easy and stress-free.

Need to produce creative and engaging videos for your website, trade show exhibit or social media channels?