It's All About the Why

Many organizations give out awards at events.

But, many don’t utilize video to enhance the award presentation. Why is that?

Komatsu celebrated as Company of the Year at the Chattanooga Regional Manufacturers’ Association (CRMA) Manufacturing Excellence Awards Luncheon.

It’s All About the “Why.”

If you spend lots of money and time to promote and execute successful events, why would you skip out on one of the most important details that can truly enhance your event? 

 A 60-second video can do wonders to honor an individual, team or company publicly:

  • It helps your audience understand “the why” about a particular award. Why was this honoree chosen?  What is the award criteria?  What makes the award recipient so special?

  • It’s an amazing keepsake for the award recipient. What better gift and recognition for an honoree than a video that will last forever?

  • And last but not least, it’s an awesome post-event marketing tool! Blast the video on your (and the honoree’s) social media accounts, and see the organic reach and views climb.

Worried about the cost?  No problem.  Get a sponsor!

Businesses love to sponsor videos that fit within their mission and philanthropic giving strategies.  Throw up the sponsor logo at the beginning, end or even throughout the video for maximum sponsor recognition. 

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